Warframe Argon Crystal Farming Guide – Best Place to Farm Argon Crystal

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Are you looking for the Best Place to Farm Argon Crystals in Warframe, then you are in the right place. After our article on Best Place to Farm Nitain Extract in Warframe went viral and got a hugely positive response, we also got a lot of requests to write an article on How to find Argon Crystal in Warframe or the best place to farm Argon Crystal in Warframe, so we did our research and came up the best place to farm argon crystals. So in this article, I will be writing an article on Warframe Argon Crystal Farming

Warframe Argon Crystal Farming

Best Place to Farm Argon Crystals in Warframe 

  1. Head to Void, Eliminate Enemies and look around you will find Argon Deposits which will give you argon crystals.
  2. Goto Void Defense with your squad, eliminate enemies and find Argon Crystals around. 
  3. Goto Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission to find Argon Crystals in Warframe. 

Warframe Argon Crystal Farming Guide – Best Place to Farm Argon Crystal

What is Argon Crystal in Warframe?

Argon Crystal Warframe

Argon Crystal is a very Rare Resource in Warframe. Argon Crystal only drops in Orokin Void tileset and only from a certain type of assassination targets which means only when you eliminate certain enemies which will then grant you Argon Deposits using which you will get argon crystals. 

But one unique fact about Argon Crystals is that it will start to decay after a period of time. After the time Argon Crystals will disappear from the player’s inventory and have to farm again if required. 



Best Place to Farm Argon Crystals in Warframe 

  1. Head to Void, Eliminate Enemies and look around you will find Argon Deposits which will give you argon crystals.
  2. Try bringing Smeeta Kavat with Charm into the Void. Because if you bring Smeeta Kavat into void there might be a chance of getting one or two argon crystals when it triggers. 
  3. Try bringing Nekros with Desecrate to a mission and you might get some argon crystals. 
  4. Try bringing Hydroid with the Pilfering Swarm augmentation which can improve your chances of finding argon crystals in the game. 
  5. Try bringing Ivara with Prowl doing so you might get some Argon Crystals. 
  6. Void Defense Mission may give you at least one argon crystal after finishing every 5 rounds. This might take a long time to accumulate but you will get at least a good number of Argon Crystals if you spend some time playing it.
  7. Bring a Warframe such as Ember, Nova or Octavia or any other warframe with an AOE damage skill. If you get them then you can easily break containers behind closed or locked walls and triggered container capsules which are found in void tile. You can also use Vaccum to collect these resources through walls. 
  8. Try Combining Nekros with Desecrate and also using slash weapons to desecrate the bodies which will desecrate counts each severed part as a separate entity and doing this you have high chances of finding Argon Crystals in the game. 
  9. Visit the Jordas Golem on Eris where you can find containers in and around the boss area. Break those containers and you might find some Argon Crystals. 
  10. Try a Squad of Speed Nova, a Desecrate Nekros, Swarm Hydroid and Energy Vampire Trinity on Taranis which is a void defense. Squad up and you might some Argon Crystals during your rotations. 
  11. Try to eliminate enemies in places where they might respawn again and again. Doing this you might find yourself some Argon Crystals. 

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Things you can Buy in Warframe using Argon Crystals (Blueprint)

  • Akzani (Secondary Weapon)
  • Amprex (Primary Weapon)
  • Angstrum (Secondary Weapon)
  • Arca Titron (Melee)
  • Atlast Chassis (Component)
  • Atomos (Secondary)
  • Atterax (Melee)
  • Banshee Prime Systems (Component)
  • Chroma Prime Systems (Component)
  • Chroma Systems (Component)
  • Cobra and Crane (Melee)
  • Corvas (Arch-Gun)
  • Destreza (Melee)
  • Corvas (Arch-Gun)
  • Destreza (Melee)
  • Diriga (Sentinel)
  • Dragon Nikana (Melee)
  • Dual Keres (Melee)
  • Endura (Melee)
  • Exilus Adapter (Enhancement)
  • Fluctus (Arch-Gun)
  • Gammacor (Secondary)
  • Gazal Machete (Melee)
  • Greater Focus Lens (Enhancement)
  • Halikar (Melee)
  • Harpak (Primary)
  • Hydroid Chassis (Component)
  • Hydroid Ketos Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Hydroid Neuroptics (Component)
  • Hydroid Prime Chassis (Cosmetic)
  • Ignis Wraith (Primary)
  • Inaros Systems (Component)
  • Incubator Power Core (Component)
  • Incubator Upgrade Segment (Orbiter Segment)
  • Ivara Neuroptics (Component)
  • Ivara Systems (Component)
  • Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment (Orbiter Segment)
  • Karyst (Melee)
  • Knell (Secondary)
  • Kohm (Primary)
  • Kronen (Melee)
  • Landing Craft Foundry Segment (Orbiter Segment)
  • Limbo Chassis (Component)
  • Loki Enigma Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Mantis Engines (Component)
  • Mesa Systems (Component)
  • Mirage (Warframe)
  • Mirage Prime (Component)
  • Nami Solo (Melee)
  • Nekros Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Nezha Chassis (Component)
  • Nezha Neuroptics (Component)
  • Nikana (Melee)
  • Ninkondi (Melee)
  • Nova Slipstream Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Oberon Prime Systems (Component)
  • Ohma (Melee)
  • Pandero (Secondary)
  • Personal Ouarters Segment (Orbiter Segment)
  • Phantasma (Primary)
  • Potent Pherliac Pods (Gear)
  • Redeemer (Melee)
  • Rubico (Primary)
  • Scimitar Engines (Component)
  • Simulor (Primary)
  • Sonicor (Secondary)
  • Stradavar (Primary)
  • Tonkor (Primary)
  • Trinity Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Twin Rogga (Secondary)
  • Valkyr Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Vauban Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Volnus (Melee)
  • Wukong Systems (Component)
  • Xiphos Engines (Component)
  • Zephyr Prime Systems (Component)
  • Zhuge (Primary)

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Wrapping Up

We are concluding this article on the best place to find Argon Crystals in Warframe. If you have any problems or doubts then please don’t hesitate to comment below. If you like this article and if you feel that the information that we provided was helpful then please do share it with your Warframe Friends and Teammates. Thank You and Keep Visiting.