Warframe: Octavia Builds, Abilities and Songs (Full Guide)

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Are you looking for Best Octavia Builds, Abilities and Songs then you are in the right place. Octavia has been part of the Warframe game since March 2017 and has grown to fame and popularity since then. Octavia is also most loved Warframe Builds currently. 

Warframe Best Octavia Build

Octavia is a really unique character. Her sound-based skill set is really powerful and has a lot of potentials. One of my favorite features of Octavia is how she can just help out her teammates with just her melody, help her teammate by dealing a lot of damage with just her melody. Octavia is one of my favorite characters of all time in warframe. 

Best Warframe Octavia Builds

  1. Octavia Main Build – Balanced Music
  2. Buffer Octavia Build
  3. Endless Mission Build

The Mandachord in Warframe allows Octavia to use at least one song at a time. But you can still compose your own melody but a lot of creativity is required for that. It’s really difficult to compose your own melody but can be done if you are really good at it. Experimentation is really important if you want to create or compose your own melody. Try everything and then come up with the best. But if you are desperate and want to choose from the popular song playlist then Check this thread on Warframe’s Forum. Pick one good song from this thread and start the game. 

The most important stats for Octavia are:

  1. Duration
  2. Range
  3. Efficiency/strength
  4. Strength/efficiency

Warframe: Best Octavia Builds Guide (Full Guide)

There are a lot of Octavia builds right now in warframe and picking one out is really difficult. There are a lot of different types of variations which can totally differ with different aspects and preferences. 

Let’s say you pick up the aura slot polarity which is the Energy Siphon or Corrosive Projection then you will be confused because you using these will use more energy or lower enemies armors, so you need be really smart about it. Picking Energy Siphon or Corrosive Projection is not wrong but there are better options. Instead pick something like Steel Charge, Pistol Amp or Rifle Amp which are the best for any type of situation. You can also combine this with Rush in the Exilus Slot which will make Octavia fast and mobile. Always remember to use your favorite weapon at the beginning instead of trying the variation. As I said before you need to experiment to master Octavia. Just remember to use the special ability instead of wasting it. 

Octavia Main Build: Balanced Music

Octavia Balanced Music Build

You would have already seen this build a lot of times because this is the main build and very well balanced. It has four abilities and you can use all of the abilities in the game. The Main DPS is also pretty good with this build. 

I would suggest you get this build on survival missions or mode because as this is a really balanced build you can carry your team and get the victory easily. Also, get some choke point and some complimentary warframes on the way. One thing you should keep in mind when using this build is to combine the first and second ability to get the best damage skill mobile and then you can recast the skill once the duration is over. This build is a more expected build there is no much surprise but I totally would suggest people this build because of the great amount of duration and strength you get with the abilities in this build. 

If you are planning to use this skill or build in a premade group then you don’t need a Primed Flow and Streamline. You already get more range, intensify, and energy conversion which will improve Octavia more. Don’t forget to use the rush. 

Buffer Octavia Build

Buffer Octavia Build

This is a good build. In this build, everything revolves around your ultimate ability which is Amp and also it allows you to buff yourself and your teammate very much, especially with Energy Conversion you will be able to amplify the damage by at least 650% and you can increase the damage more with more work. All you need to do is to just make sure to use the stuff that makes a sound which the weapons for Octavia. When you and your teammates stand on the Amp area of effect you can make the sound higher and also the buff will increase insanely. Just remember that you don’t need to invest more Forma in order to use your exilus slot in this buff build, but if you need to invest then go ahead. Most probably you will invest into Rush or Power Drift. 

Endless Mission Build

Endless Mission Build

This is one of my favorite Octavia Build. This build doesn’t really require a lot of choke points in order to deal with a decent amount of damage since that ability range is very high. I would recommend this build with low-level missions such as Lith, Neo, Meso or other low-level missions. If you use this build in the low-level mission then you can also benefit from the most in the endless mission types. Just make sure that the range is high so that you can hit a lot of enemies at once and also you can still have some amount of duration and strength.

Endless Mission Build is a straight forward build, all you need to do is to use your first ability and place it on spots where you can hit as many mobs or enemies as possible. When you use your first ability first you don’t really need to use your other abilities but you might require the other abilities for crowd control, so pressing key 2 or L2 in the controller will save you a lot of trouble with the crowd control. 

Best Octavia Abilities in Warframe

We all know that Octavia uses her music as a weapon, which is really unique you know damaging enemies and also grant a multitude of buffs to her teammates with just music. 

Octavia’s passive ability is Harmonic Symphony and the reasons for Octavia’s abilities are in the Mandachord. Just by using her powerful instrument you can create amazing music that will improve Octavia’s Abilities. If you need to access Mandachord then you access by clicking on Octavia’s appearance tab in the arsenal. 

The Mandachord is spilt into four bars in where you can place notes that you can use to create music. In the first bar, the music starts to play and when it reaches the end of the fourth bat it will loop back to the first bar again. These four different bars are divided into three sections which correspond to a different instrument. The three sections are Percussion, Bass and Melody which are the different ability. As you know that each section will affect a different ability. After you are done creating a song which you like don’t forget to save it. 

Octavia’s Four Abilities are 

  • Mallet
  • Resonator
  • Metronome
  • Amp

Octavia’s First Ability – Mallet

Octavia’s first ability is Mallet. Every time you use this ability Octavia throws a device towards a location that creates an invulnerable floating orb that would play Octavia’s music.

If you are looking for more specifics then that would be the Percussion section of her song. The Mallet will draw and absorb enemy which will then increase enemies damage then reducing their life very fast. The absorbed damage is then amplified and dealt with the enemies around the mallet as Blast Damage. The damage is then dealt based on the rhythm of the percussion section which means that it splits the damage between each note. Percussion is a section of the bar in Octavia’s song. 

Octavia’s Second Ability – Resonator

This is Octavia’s Second Ability which is Resonator. What this ability does is when Octavia Launches an Invulnerable rollerball that would charm enemies around it more like a hamster ball making the enemies follow it. The more enemies who are following the resonator, the larger resonator’s charm radius increases and to the maximum. 

The Resonator will play the Bass section of Octavia’s song and it will blast which will be dealt blast damage to the charmed enemies, which is based on the rhythm of the Bass while they are still in the range. The Resonator will be drawn towards enemies that nearby and those who are not charmed by the resonator. When resonator which is Octavia’s ability expires enemies that were previously charmed will become momentarily staggered. The resonator is one of my favorite Octavia’s Ability. 

Do you know that you combine two different abilities, yeah you can. If you want you can combine Resonator with Mallet (which is Octavia’s First Ability). When both the abilities are active which is both Resonator and Mallet, the Resonator will pick up the mallet. The Mallet will continuously deal damage to the enemies per beat inside the radius. The damage will increase over time and it is independent of its absorbed damage. Also additionally enemies will be charmed by the resonator which will actively shoot the mallet. If you wondering if both Resonator and Mallet is a good combination? according to me yeah, it is so much better. These two abilities will improve the total ability to draw enemies’ fire and also improve the whole Octavia’s character. 

Octavia’s Third Ability – Metronome

Metronome is Octavia’s third ability. Metronome is more like an aura, let me explain. Octavia creates an aura around her that plays the melody which is another section of her song for a period of time. Octavia or any of her teammates inside the aura will gain armor bonus. It’s a dome were when you and also your teammate enter will start to gain armor for a period of time. Octavia or any of her teammates inside the aura can perform certain actions in sync to the melody which will gain you and also your teammates more buffs. Metronome or the aura has several rings of light that represents the melody’s notes. Then each ring will start at the edge of the aura and it will shrink towards Octavia, where it will then disappear. 

The actions that must be performed has to be in sync with the moment where the ring is centered on Octavia. Every time a successful action is performed in sync with the music it will give the player that performs an increase in percentage towards a buff, which can be seen at the top the screen. The total percentage can increase or decrease which totally depends on the timings. When the total percentage reaches one hundred perfect (100%) you will get the buff. 

There are four different types of buffs in this game and they are tied to specific actions.

The four different buffs are 

  1. Vivace
  2. Nocturne
  3. Opera
  4. Forte

These are the four buffs in the game. 

Vivace – Vivace is when you are performing a jump in sync to the melody you will get increased movement speed.

Nocturne – Nocturne is where when you crouch in sync with the melody you will get invisibility. 

Opera – Opera is where when a fire a ranged weapon in sync with the melody you will get a bonus to multishot. 

Forte – Forte is when you use a melee weapon in sync to the melody you will get a bonus to melee damage.

You can activate all these buffs at the same time and each will have its own duration and timing. You can also refresh these buff by performing the corresponding actions again while they are still active. 

Octavia’s Fourth Ability – Amp

Amp is Octavia’s fourth ability. Amp is where Octavia turns the ground into a sound field for a period of time. When you are inside the field, Octavia and her teammates will gain a damage multiplier which totally depends on the level of sound in the area. The multiplier which Octavia and her teammates will receive has both minimum and maximum values. 

The level of sound the area can be increased with Octavia’s other abilities such as Gunfire, Footsteps, Alarms, Melee Strikes and more. If any of the ability is active inside the field then the damage will be multiplied and also the radius of the damage. 

Warframe Octavia Songs

These are the Octavia Songs in Warframe game. 

The following list is arbitrarily categorized.  Each song has two links: one to the Mandachord version and one to the original version keyed up to the section the Mandachord version came from.  


  • (<Instrument Set> Only): The song uses just one instrument set
  • (Filled Melody): The song fills every time slot in the melody.  Some people find these easier to get Metronome buffs with.
  • (Sparse Melody): The song fills very few time slots in the melody, which I find easier to get Metronome buffs with.
  • (Perfect Melody): The song’s melody fits perfectly on the Mandachord, with just a key change.

Warframe Octavia Song List

All Credits for making this Octavia Song list: Buff00n (Member in Warframe Offical Forums)

Wrapping it UP!

So these are the best Octavia Build, Octavia Abilites and Octavia Songs in Warframe game. If you have any doubts or problems please do comment below. If you like this article then share it with your friends and family. We will be updating this article with more Octavia Builds so keep looking for it. Thank You.