Warframe Neurodes Farming Guide – Best Place to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

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Are you looking for the best place to farm Neurodes in Warframe? then you are in the right place. We are currently in a spree in writing farming guides for Warframe. We have already written a full guide on Warframe Argon Crystals and Warframe Relics Farming. We received really good feedback and people wanted us to write this type of article, so yeah that’s what we are doing. So in this article, I will explain to you Where to Farm Neurodes in Warframe and also How to Farm Neurodes in Warframe. This is article will be a one-stop destination, everything you need regarding Neurodes will be covered in this article.

Warframe Neurodes Farming

Best Place to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

  • Visit Plato (Lua) and fight and eliminate Sentients quickly to get some Neruodes in Warframe.
  • Look for Neuroptic Masses on Earth and Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Try Eris Survival and Defense for a good chance of farming Neurodes. 

Warframe Neurodes Farming Guide – Best Place to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

What is Neurodes in Warframe?


Neurodes are a Rare Component in Warframe. Neurodes can be found on Earth, Eris, Lua, and the Orokin Derelicts. You can directly Purchase Neurodes from the Market for 10 Platinum. Or you can also purchase Neurodes Blueprint for 100 Platinum or by completing Raid The Law of Retribution Nightmare Mission. You will get the blueprint as a reward for completing that mission. (Currently Raid The Law of Retribution Nightmare Mission is not available in Warframe)



Best Place to Farm Neurodes in Warframe 

  • Visit Plato (Lua) where you can find Sentients. Fight and Eliminate Sentients within the first two to three minutes. They will grant you Neurodes when you eliminate them. I suggest you get your squad or teammates because of the time crunch where you need to eliminate them within a couple of minutes and also Sentients are tough, they are difficult to defeat. So get your primary squad on and beat Sentients ass off.  
  • If you ask me for the easiest way to get Neurodes in Warframe are then Visit Orokin Derelict and eliminate Lephantis. This is the easiest way to farm neurodes. You can find 1 or 2 every rotation. The only thing that sucks is that the Derelict Assassination Keys can only be created once every hour. So you need to wait for another hour to start the fight. There are these special derelict keys which require Lephantis Nav Coordinates which you can get when you finish other Orokin Derelict Missions.  
  • You can find Neurodes Resource Container in Earth. So do this and this will work for beginners or newbies because it’s easy. Goto Earth and look for Neuroptic Masses. You can fight with the enemies also but them dropping Neurodes is very rare so fight them and at the same time search for the resource containers too, which will guarantee you some Neurdoes. 
  • Again Fight Sentient on Plato (Lua) after completing The Second Dream Quest Missions. Because there is a really high chance of getting Neurodes after eliminating Sentient. 
  • Try Orokin Derelict Survival. You might get at least 3-5 Neurodes after every 30 minutes to 1 hour. So get your squad on and farm some of those Neurodes. But Orokin Derelict Survival will definitely yield you more Neurodes than Orokin Derelict Defense missions. 
  • Orokin Derelict Defense Missions is one of the worst places to get neurodes in warframe because it’s too less. You might only get 1 neurodes after every 30 waves which are a lot for 1 neurodes, its not worthy at all. 
  • Eris Survival and Defense mission are also the worst places to get neurodes because you can only get around 1 or 2 neurodes after 20 minutes per waves which is not worthy at all. 
  • Visit Tycho Survival mission and eliminate Occulysts who will spawn every 1-3 minutes. Eliminate them and you might end up with at least 20 neurodes after the missions. 

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Things you can Buy in Warframe using Neurodes (Blueprint)

  • Amesha Wings (Component)
  • Amphis (Melee)
  • Ash Locust Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Ash Scorpion Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Atlas Neuroptics (Component)
  • Atlas Tartarus Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Ballistica (Secondary)
  • Banshee Chorus Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Banshee Reverb Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Bolt Release (Item)
  • Bolto (Secondary)
  • Boltor (Primary)
  • Bronco (Secondary)
  • Cestra (Secondary)
  • Chroma Chassis (Component)
  • Chroma Drac Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Chroma Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Chroma Systems (Component)
  • Daikyu (Primary)
  • Dark Dagger (Melee)
  • Dark Sword (Melee)
  • Ember Backdraft Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Ember Phoenix Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Excalibur Avalon Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Excalibur Pendragon Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Exodia Contagion (Arcane)
  • Exodia Epidemic (Arcane)
  • Forma (Enhancement)
  • Frost Aurora Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Frost Squall Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Furis (Secondary)
  • Gara Neuroptics (Component)
  • Gara Virago Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Gazal Machete (Melee)
  • Grakata (Primary)
  • Harrow Suffragan Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Hek (Primary)
  • Hema (Primary)
  • Hind (Primary)
  • Hydroid Triton Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Inaros Chassis (Component)
  • Infested Catalyst (Gear)
  • Itzal Systems (Component)
  • Ivara Neuroptics (Component)
  • Karak (Primary)
  • Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment (Orbiter Segment)
  • Kraken (Secondary)
  • Lenz (Primary)
  • Lesion (Melee)
  • Limbo Magrite Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Limbo Neuroptics (Component)
  • Loki Enigma Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Loki Essence Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Loki Swindle Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Mag Coil Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Mag Gauss Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Mesa Longhorn Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Mesa Ovis Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Mirage Neuroptics (Component)
  • Mirage Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Nami Skyla (Melee)
  • Nezha Neuroptics (Component)
  • Nidus Chassis (Component)
  • Nova Flux Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Nova Quantum Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Nyx Vespa Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Oberon Markhor Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Oberon Oryx Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Octavia Cadenza Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Octavia Chassis (Component)
  • Odonata Prime Wings (Component)
  • Odonata Systems (Component)
  • Odonata Wings (Component)
  • Onorix (Arch-Melee)
  • Orokin Reactor (Enhancement)
  • Rhino Thrak Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Rhino Vanguard Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Saryn Chlora Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Saryn Hemlock Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Scimitar Avionics (Component)
  • Shaku (Melee)
  • Sobek (Primary)
  • Stubba (Secondary)
  • Stuf (Secondary)
  • Taxon (Sentinel)
  • Tenora (Primary)
  • Titania Neuroptics (Component)
  • Trinity Aura Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Trinity Meridian Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Twin Gremlins (Secondary)
  • Tysis (Secondary)
  • Valkyr Bastet Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Valkyr Kara Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Vasto (Secondary)
  • Vauban Esprit Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Vauvan Gambit Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Vectis (Primary)
  • Volt Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Volt Pulse Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Volt Storm Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Wukong Systems (Component)
  • Xiphos Avionics (Component)
  • Zephyr Prime Systems (Component)


We are finally concluding this article on Warframe Neurodes Farming Guide. I really hope you liked this article on Best Place to Farm Neurodes in Warframe, if you feel this was helpful then please share it with your Warframe Buddies. If you have doubts or Problems then don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank You and stay tuned for more Warframe Guides.