About US

BuyersGuideX is a guidance blog built to help online consumers make better decisions to buy stuff online. We write Review articles, Top 10 or 5 Best types of articles, Product Comparison articles, Howto articles, and much more which very much concentrates on helping you buy legit stuff.

Man Behind BuyersGuideX?

I am Shabarish Balaji, currently doing my under-graduation in Cloud Computing and Big Data. I am from Bangalore, India. 

I started this blog just to provide value and nothing else, because I was one of those people who really struggled a lot to buy legit stuff online but ended up buy scrappy stuff believing all those biased reviews which most of the blogs that write currently just to make money. 

In BuyersGuideX we are not biased, we only provide value.


If you have any queries, you can contact us or email us @ buyersguidex@gmail.com