Warframe Nitain Extract Farming – How to Get Nitain Extract (Full Guide)

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Are you looking to extract Nitain in Warframe and could find it, yeah I am sure you are because I have been in that position a long time ago. Nitain is a pretty rare resource in Warframe. You need a total of 100 Nitain Extracts if you are looking to craft everything that requires Nitain. Even if you Vauban Prime you need 20 nitain in total. Don’t worry, in this article, I will be showing you How to Get or Extract Nitain in Warframe Game. 

Warframe Nitain Extract

Best Ways to Find Nitain Extract in Warframe

  1. By Completing Alerts.
  2. You can get some Nitain Extract from the Nightwave Offerings.
  3. Farm Nitain Extract from Resource Caches.
  4. You can find a small drop of Nitain from Lua or Kuva Fortress. 

What is Nitain Extract?

Nitain Extract WarframeNitain Extract is a Farmable Resource in Warframe Game. Nitain Extract is a Special Resource that can be bought from the Nightwave’s offering. This is a rare resource in the game and a lot of stuff can be bought using this resource in Warframe. 

Warframe Nitain Extract Farming – How to Get Nitain Extract

1. Get Nitain Extract by Completing Alerts

You can Extract Nitain in Warframe by completing Alerts, but this takes a lot of time so if you really need to try the other methods. Even you have the patience to wait for Completing alerts its not enough. You won’t be rewarded much, so move on to the other methods below. 

2. By Nitain Extract from the Nightwave Offerings

You can get Nitain Extract from the nightwave offerings. When you rank up through Nightwave’s 30 levels you will get to unlock a special currency called Wolf Cred. So using wold cred you can Nitain extract. You need 15 Wolf Cred for a bundle of 5 Nitain Extract. 

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3. Farm Nitain Extract from Resource Caches

You can also farm Nitain Extract from Resource Caches. ill give you an example, In the void, there are two sabotage missions called Stribog and Marduk. These two missions have Orokin Caches, so when you find all the three then you will be able to get some Nitain extract. 

This mission is not that difficult, it’s pretty easy and you can complete it easily. The void is very easy and simple to find. You can also play this mission Solo but it would take about 5 minutes, but that also depends on spawn points of the cache. I would suggest you play this with your friends or get teammates so that you can complete this mission really quick and get all the Nitain Extract you need for Warframe. If you have a teammate you can complete the mission around 2-4 minutes. 

This is not the only mission in warframe that will reward you Nitain there are many other missions in the game too. You can also try Mission Plato on Lua, this mission has a really good place for farming some forma. But here we are required Nitain but this is an Exterminate mission so it will take some time. You can also rush through the entire mission but if you are rushing through it but don’t forget to collect the caches in the mission. 

There is a bonus when you try to extract Nitain, so you are looking for Nitain, you can also find Sculptures. Because the spawn point of the caches are also in the same place where sculptures are also so you can also get your Ayatan Sculptures when looking through Nitain Extract. 

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Things you can Buy in Warframe using Nitain Extract (Blueprint)

  • Amesha (Archwing)
  • Amesha Harness (Component)
  • Amesha Systems (Component)
  • Amesha Wings (Component)
  • Atlas Shikoro Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Banshee Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Broken War (Melee)
  • Caustacyst (Melee)
  • Chroma Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Corinth (Primary)
  • Destreza (Melee)
  • Fusilai (Secondary)
  • Hirudo (Melee)
  • Hydroid Prime Systems (Component)
  • Inaros Anubis Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Inarous Canopic Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Inarous Neuroptics (Component)
  • Ivara Chassis (Component)
  • Ivara Systems (Component)
  • Ivara Loxley Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Ivara Zirastra Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Javlok (Primary)
  • Khora Delphi Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Lenz (Primary)
  • Limbo Prime Systems (Component)
  • Mesa Prime Systems (Component)
  • Nekros Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Nezha Circa Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Nezha Jinza Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Nidus Prion Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Oberon Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Ohma (Melee)
  • Pox (Secondary)
  • Sands of Inaros (Secondary)
  • Saryn Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Saryn Prime Systems (Component)
  • Scimitar Fuselage (Component)
  • Scourge (Primary)
  • Staticor (Secondary)
  • Sydon (Melee)
  • Titania Chassis (Component)
  • Titania Aurai Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Valkyr Prime Neuroptics (Component)
  • Vauban Prime (Warframe)
  • Vauban Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Vauban Prime Systems (Component)
  • War (Melee)
  • Wukong (Warframe)
  • Wukong Chassis (Component)
  • Wukong Dasheng Helmet (Cosmetic)
  • Wukong Neuroptics (Component)
  • Wukong Systems (Component)
  • Zephyr Prime Chassis (Component)
  • Zhuge (Primary)

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If you still need for detailed information on How to Get Nitain Extract in Warframe then make sure you watch this video below.

Wrapping UP! 

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