Warframe Credit Farming Guide – Warframe Index Guide

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Are you looking for Best Warframe Credit Farming Guide then you are in the right place. This is one of the most requested article by the reader and also one of the most comprehensive article that I have written in this blog. So in this article, I will be covering information on Warframe Credit Farming Guide and Related Information. 

Warframe Credit Farming

Warframe Credit Farming Guide – Warframe Index Guide

Best Place to Farm Credit in Warframe

  • The Index at Nef Anyo is the best place to farm credits in Warframe. Just make sure you have the Credit Booster to the get bonus credits while farming credits. 

What are Credits in Warframe?

Warframe Credits

Credits in Warframe are the standard currency in the game. Credits are used to purchase Blueprints, Equipment, and Weapons in the market. Credits can also be used in the foundry as a cost to create an item from a blueprint and also can be used in the transmutation and fusion of mods in warframe. 

Every time when a player completes the given mission successfully then the player will be rewarded with some credits, the number of credits totally depends on the type and the difficulty of the mission. Whenever you play the mission and complete it with your squad then the credits will be split with your team accordingly. You can also get credits by eliminating enemies, breaking containers and searching lockers. 

Warframe Credit Farming Guide – Warframe Index Guide

Some of the credits farming tips in warframe are

  1. The Index at Nef Anyo is the best place to farm credits in warframe. After the recent update in the index, it has become really easy and also more fun to farm credits at Nef Anyo. Before the update, it was really tough and also a little annoying to find that mission due to all the tedious processes. Also before the update, it was not counting the credits properly but now you will get the correct amount of credits and also you can immediately cash it out and buy what you need.
  2. The Index at Neptune is one of the best and fun game modes in warframe to farm credits. This mission is specially designed to farm large of amount of credits via Wagering. If you put a lot of investment then the reward is also very high. The High-Risk Investment will give you 200,000 credits for every single round that you win. 
  3. Try playing Dark Sectors to get a large number of credits. If you are in a clan or any type of alliance which is controlling the solar rail offers a low or no credit tax rate with no interest rate. In dark sectors, there are a high number of infested spawn which is very high in number eliminating them with also grant you some good number of credits and Oberon parts. Using these parts you can sell them for some credits and get back some credits in warframe. 
  4. Hieracon on Pluto is one of the fastest and quickest ways to get or farm credits in Warframe. In Hieracon there is an excavation mission using which you can extraction you get around 20,000 credits in just 5 minutes or less. If you need to effectively complete this mission and get the credits then make sure you play this mission with your friends. 
  5. Sechura on Pluto is the second best place to farm credits. Also, Seimeni and Gabii on Ceres are also part of these and you can get some good number of credits. You will get around 20,000 after the first 5 minutes per waves and then you will get 10% lesser in each wave. 
  6. Sortie mission is also a good mission to get a good number of credits. In sortie mission, the sortie timer and the daily login timer are independent to each other and there is an exploit. Complete the first two sortie missions and then complete the third sortie mission after the login timer resets after which you will get a bonus reward of 100,000.
  7. Take part in Grineer or Corpus mission which is part of the invasion and infested outbreaks which will often grant you a high amount of credits and these missions are super easy compared to the missions that I have mentioned above. 
  8. This is optional but make sure you go through your inventory occasionally or frequently because you might find some item which you don’t use then you can just sell it and get some credit using which you can get some good items which will help you win. 

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This is the required credit investment and the returns for the index.

Risk Wager Profit Point Target
Low 30,000 Credits 75,000 Credits 50 Points
Medium 40,000 Credits 135,000 Credits 75 Points
High  50,000 Credits 200,000 Credits 100 Points

If you need double credits then use a Credit Booster.

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Best Warframe or Frame for Farming Credit Index

The best warframe for farming credits are Mesa Prime or Rhino Prime. Why Mesa Prime? Mesa Prime is a big warframe and it can carry a lot of points and also not get eliminated quickly in a mission. Why Rhino Prime? Rhino Prime is the second choice for me. I would use rhino prime to farm credits is because Rhino Prime is super strong and can multi-task both eliminating and farming credits at the same time. But Mesa Prime is definitely the one I would use for farming credits. 

Best Mods Rewards in the Index

  • Pain Threshold (Warframe)
  • Kinetic Ricochet (Tetra)
  • Medi-Pet Kit (Kubrow/Kavat)
  • Shield Charger (Sentinel)
  • Static Discharge (Prova)
  • Thermagnetic Shells (Detron)
  • Flux Overdrive (Flux Rifle)
  • Tether Grenades (Penta)


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