Warframe Soma Prime Build Guide (Full In-Depth Information)

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Are you looking for Information on Warframe Soma Prime Build or Best Some Prime Build then you are in the right place.

Best Soma Prime Build article is one of the most requested by the readers after Best Octavia Build and Best Khora Build. So yeah in this article we will be covering and giving out in-depth information on the Warframe Soma Prime Build Guide.

Warframe Soma Prime Build

Best Soma Prime Builds in Warframe

These three builds are the Best Soma Prime Builds in Warframe

  • The Standard Build
  • The Aim Build
  • The Elemental Damage Build

Warframe Soma Prime Build Guide (Full In-Depth Information)

What is Soma Prime?

Soma Prime

Soma Prime is the Primed Version of the Soma Assualt Rifle (AR). Soma Prime features an increased ammo reserves, increased magazine size, faster spool-up and increased status chance. 



Manufacturing Requirements

Credits: 15,000

Barrel: 1

Receiver: 1

Stock: 1

Orokin Cell: 10

Soma Prime Statistics

Mastery: 7

Slot: Primary

Type: Rifle

Trigger Type: Auto-Spool


Ammo Type: Rifle

Noise Level: Alarming

Fire Rate: 15.0 rounds per seconds.

Accuracy: 28.6

Magazine Size: 200 rounds per mag.

Maximum Ammo: 800 Rounds

Reload Time: 3.0 seconds

Disposition: 0.75


Total Damage: 12.0 (Slash: 50%)

Crit Chance: 30%

Crit Multiplier: 3.0x

Status Chance: 10%


Polarities: 2

Introduced: Update 15.7

Variants: Soma

Best Warframe Soma Prime Builds

Soma Prime Builds are quite complicated because of the number of combinations. Because of the number of combinations, there is the urge to increase the damage output by a lot. And you must realize that the damage output is pretty low. But you also have the opportunity to upgrade some prime build with the standard build with additional elemental mods which will cover extra damage and can put in more survival time. The unique features of the primed version of the soma are build customization. With soma prime, you can customize your build from scratch which is not available for Soma. 

The Standard Build

Some Prime Standard Build

The Standard build is one of the best builds for Some Prime.  This build will maximize the Slash Damage. The Standard Build also provides a faster fire rate and speed with Vile Acceleration or Shred if you can use the extra punch component. The Standard build of Soma Prime is also called as Slash Damage Build because of the insane increase of Slash Damage. 

If you combine both Vile Acceleration and Shred you will get very high critical chance and also a good critical damage multiplier. Now your assault rifle is a fire and you can eliminate enemies like crazy. If you want you can also skin Critical Delay and also install Fanged Fussilade which will increase the slash damage more. Now you can just use your Soma Prime Assualt Rifle as a Spray gun you can spam the shit out with that slash damage and higher fire rate. As we all know that Some Prime already has really good magazine size so with these slash damage and higher fire rate you will get to shoot 600 bullets in 60 seconds and still have more ammunition left out. 

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To get more magazine size with this standard build you can use an additional carrier companion to eliminate the ammo problems which was the reload timing. This Standard build is perfect for most of the missions regardless of the mastery rank and level requirements. Make sure you also a carry a fully equipped and perfectly built secondary weapon. 

The Elemental Damage Build

The Elemental Damage Build Soma Prime

The Elemental Damage Build is one of the most used builds by other players in Warframe for Soma Prime. This is one of a primary or main build for most people. It is the primary build for Soma prime because its a perfect build. It’s really very well balanced soma prime build. 

The Elemental Damage Build guarantees really good damage out and increased fire rate and critical damage. My favorite thing when using this build is the stability of this gun while using this build in any missions. This Elemental Damage Build is perfect for any type of situations also. But if you are a newbie then you have to try the first standard build and then try this one. You can also spray and spam using this build. Try using Argon Scope or Bladed Rounds or Shred or Vigilante Armaments in this build for maximum efficiency and eliminations. 

The Aim Build

The Aim Build Soma Prime

As the first two build, both The Standard Build and The Elemental Damage build was mostly concentrated on the Spray or Spam shooting strategy but this one is different. The Aim Build concentrates on the Aiming and hitting your shots correctly without a mission. I am sure that you would have already understood that by the name itself. 

Using the aim build you can you reap the benefits of Argon Scope and Bladed Rounds which were only optional on the previous two builds. With the combination of Argon Scope and Bladed Rounds with Critical delay, which is creating a burst effect here which will maximize the aim effectively. With the Aim build the ammo is not the issue because in the first two builds were targetting for maximum fire rate and maximum recoil whereas with this build we are targetting precision or aiming effectively. So bullets or ammo count is not an issue here. If you are facing issues with ammo count then use Spilt Chambers and Vigilante Armaments which will help you decrease this issue. 

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The Aim build is really strong and effective can also be a game changer but it has cons because of the powerful and effective as its unfair to the other players in warframe. To increase the precision or aiming the components used in this build will try to reduce the field of view which will make it difficult to play the game for a long time and also will make the gameplay and the movement really slow which can put you in danger and you will be eliminated easily. The other disadvantage with this build is the ability to hit headshot and noscopes which will be difficult but you can counteract this issue by using Argon Scope but not as effective as the other builds. 

This build will cause low-status chance and status damage whereas the other two builds that I have mentioned above with increase status chance and status damage. So I recommend or suggest you to use The Standard Build and The Elemental Damage build for safe gameplay or if you want something riskier and at the same time more rewarding then you can try this build. 

Wrapping Up!

Finally, I am wrapping up this article on the best warframe soma prime build guide. If you have any problems or doubts then please don’t hesitate to comment down below. If you feel that this article helped you then share this with your warframe buddies. I will be writing more warframe articles so stay tuned for that. Thank You for reading and have a fantastic day.