Warframe Maiming Strike – Where to Farm and Drop Chances

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Are you looking for information on Warframe Maiming Strike then you are in the right place. We have written multiples articles on Warframe such as Warframe Soma Prime BuildWarframe Promo Codes List or Warframe Blood Rush. We never wanted to write these article, we wrote them only because of the number of requests we were getting from the readers and it’s our job to give what our readers want. 

Just like those articles this article on Warframe Maiming Strike was also super requested and we did our research and yeah here it is. In this article, I will be writing information on Maiming Strike on Warframe game. We have included information such as What is Maiming Strike, Where and How to Farm Maiming Strike, Drop Chances and Locations of Maiming Strike. 

Warframe Maiming Strike

Warframe Maiming Strike – Where to Farm and Drop Chances

What is Maiming Strike in Warframe?

Maiming StrikeMaiming Strike is a Rare Acolyte Melee mod that increases the chance of a critical hit on slide attacks. 

Maiming Strike Statistics

  • Rank: 0 Critical Chance: +15% Cost: 2
  • Rank: 1 Critical Chance: +30% Cost: 3
  • Rank: 2 Critical Chance: +45% Cost: 4
  • Rank: 3 Critical Chance: +60% Cost: 5
  • Rank: 4 Critical Chance: +75% Cost: 6
  • Rank: 5 Critical Chance: +90% Cost: 7


How to Farm Maiming Strike in Warframe

Maiming Strike Mod is an Event Only Mod which means that you can only farm Maiming Strike during a certain period of time when acolytes arrive or during an event that warframe announces when acolytes are announced. When acolytes arrive you will be notified by the lotus and also you will have to wait for Misery and Violence. 

If you are wondering where Acolytes will appear then its quite difficult to say where but acolytes appears randomly in random mission in warframe. But when they arrive randomly in random places you will get a screen flashes where a stalker lookalike boss would arrive. Just eliminate them and they will drop a mod which can be Maiming Strike or any other mod. Collect the mod and continue the mission. Once you complete the mission you will be notified what the mod was. 

Best Melee Weapon for Farm Maiming Strike Mod

  • Orthos Prime
  • Atterax
  • Secura Lecta
  • Scholiac
  • Lesion

Maiming Strike Drop Chance in Warframe

I have already mentioned that Maiming Strike is dropped by Misery and Violence.

The Drop Chances of Maiming Strike are

Misery: 0.67%

Violence: 4.04%

Tips to farm Maiming Strike in Warframe

  1. The +90% critical chance provided by Maiming Strike is Multiplied by Blood Rush and the mod effect is set by Gladiator Mods which is used to lead a very high chance on slide attacks. 
  2. Try combining the Berserker with any Melee Weapon which will allow players to easily generate attack speed with a stronger effect than fury. 

Wrapping Up!

I am finally concluding this article on Warframe Maiming Strike. If you have any issues or doubts then please don’t hesitate to comment below. If you like and felt that this information was very helpful then please do share it with your warframe friends via Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Thank You and Have a Nice Day.