Khora Warframe, Khora Abilities and Builds (Everything About Khora)

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Are you looking for Full Information on Khora Warframe, Khora Abilities and Khora Builds in Warframe Game then you are in the correct place. After our article on Octavia Builds, Songs and Abilities went viral and we shared getting a lot of requests to write an article on Khora Warframe Guide such as Khora Abilities, Builds and every information that you need to know about Khora. So yeah that’s what we are doing. In this article, you will find full in-depth information on Khora Warframe, Abilities, Builds and every single information on Khora in Warframe Game. 

Khora Warframe

Khora Warframe, Khora Abilities, and Builds (Everything About Khora)

Who is Khora in Warframe?

Khora is a Warframe in the Game. Khora is a deadly beast Venari. Khora is a Bladed Precision and is a Mistress of Entrapment. Khora is a fiercely poised with feral instincts. Khora is a huntress and her feline character Venari prowl is a prey attacker. Khora and Venari are from Update 22.18.


Name: Khora

Mastery Rank: 0

Health: 125 (375 at Rank 0)

Shield: 100 (300 at Rank 30)

Armor: 275

Energy: 125 (188 at Rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.05

Polarities: Madurai PolNaramon Pol

Exilus Polarity: Naramon Pol

Aura Polarity: Vazarin Pol




Manufacturing Requirements

Credits: 25,000

Neuroptics: 1

Chassis: 1

Systems: 1

Orokin Cells: 3


Credits: 15,000

Kavat Genetic Code: 2

Kuaka Spinal Claw: 35

Polymer Bundle: 1,500

Salvage: 16,000


Credits: 15,000

Kavat Genetic Code: 5

Iradite: 65

Alloy Plate: 12,250

Rubedo: 4,300


Credits: 15,000

Kavat Genetic Code: 2

Plastids: 1,000

Circuits: 2,600

Ferrite: 11,500

Khora Warframe Abilities

Khora in Warframe has 4 different and powerful abilities.

The Khora Abilities are

  • Whipclaw
  • Ensnare
  • Venari
  • Strangledome

Whipclaw – Whipclaw is an ability that is used to send enemies reeling with a deafening whipcrack. Khora uses her whip which can deal damage to enemies within a certain radius. You can whip an explosion up to 5/7/8/10 meters away in a 3/4/4/5 meters radius area around the enemy. All the enemies within a certain explosion will deal damage around 200/225/250/300 base damage. 

Strength: 200/225/250/300

Duration: Not Applicable

Range: 5/7/8/10m (Cast Range) and 3/4/4/5m (Explosion Radius)

Miscellaneous: 2.0x (Ensnare Damage Multiplier) and 50% (Strangledome Damage Distribution)

More About Whipclaw Ability

  • Explosion radius cannot exceed 200% ability range. 
  • Cast range and explosion radius are affected by Ability Range. 
  • Damage affects the objects which bypass obstacles in the environment and it does not diminish with any particular distance. 
  • Damage is distributed evenly between Puncture, Impact, and Slash.
  • Damage is affected by Ability Strength and the Melee Combo Counter. 
  • Whipclaw has 200% critical multiplier, 25% critical chance and 20% status chance. 
  • Manticore’s damage bonus applies to the ability. 
  • Whipclaw ability can be used while moving and airborne. 
  • Whipclaw will strike toward the aiming reticle at the end of the animation and also landing the attack when the whip is fully extended. The explosion radius is centered on the closest physical object or surface of the player’s crosshair or the dead-end area of the whipclaw is able to reach. 
  • Khora casts Whipclaw as an upper body animation that allows movement and parkour Maneuvers. 
  • Whipclaw is not affected by cast speed mods (Example: Natural Talent)

The Mods that affect Whipclaw includes these

  • Damage (Example: Pressure Point)
  • Physical Damage (Example: Jagged Edge)
  • Elemental Damage (Example: Shocking Touch)
  • Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier (Example: True Steel and Organ Shatter)
  • Critical Chance is rolled separately for each target hit.
  • Status Chance (Example: Melee Prowess and Vicious Frost)
  • Combo Counter (Example: Body Count and Drifting Contact)
  • Weapon Augments (Example: Justice Blades)
  • Covert Lethality provides 100+ Damage

Ensnare – Ensnare is a really powerful ability from Khora. Ensnare is a bind of a hapless target in living metal which can be entangling others who stray too close. You can combine both Whipclaw and Ensnare as a hybrid so every time whipclaw will refresh the trap which will allow it to more capturing more enemies. 

Strength: Not Applicable

Duration: 10/12/13/15 seconds (Duration) and 0.5s (Spread Delay)

Range: 15/20/25/30m (Cast Range) and 6/7/8/10m (Spread Radius)

Miscellaneous: 2.0x (Damage Multiplier) and 75% (Reduced Duration)

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More About Ensnare Ability

  • Khora uses Ensnare ability with the whip. Khora thrashes her whip at an enemy target within the radius of 15/20/25/30 meters, binding it in living metal for 10/12/13/15 seconds. 
  • When using Ensnare the target is completely disabled because the living metal propagates and pulls in all nearby enemies within a 6/7/8/10 meters radius after a 0.5 seconds delay. 
  • Ensnare ability’s duration is affected by Ability Duration, while spread delay is inversely affected for example more duration lowers delay. 
  • Ensnare’s cast range and spread radius are affected by Ability Range. 
  • Ensanre’s casting speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift. 
  • After using Ensnare the propagation happens after the delay, regardless of any enemies are nearby. 
  • If you are wondering about the Synergy then Ensnare enemies receive 200% damage from Venari and Whipclaw, eventually, enemies that are hit by Whipclaw will propagate again to pull in new enemies.
  • Ensnare cannot be recast on affected enemies or targets.  
  • Reduced duration percentage is not affected by mods.
  • Casting Ensnare is a full body animation that stops grounded movement and other actions.

Venari – Venari is a unique and beast of the ability of Khora. Khora can command venari to focus on a target. You can use to hold and cycle between Attack, Protect and Heal. If the venari is killed then you can use this ability to revive Venari instantly. 

Command Energy Cost: 25

Revive Energy Cost: <=50

Strength: 1.05x/1.1x/1.12x/1.15x (Speed Multiplier), 350 (Snare Damage) and 50 HP/sec (Health Regen)

Duration: Not Applicable

Range: Not Applicable

Miscellaneous: 120 seconds (Mark Duration), 45 seconds (Respawn Time), 2.5 seconds (Snare Duration), 5 (hits per snare), 3 seconds (Attack and Protect Cooldowns), <90% HP (Missing Health Threshold), 10m (Heal aura radius), 65 seconds (Venari self-heal mark duration)

More About Venari Ability

  • Khora commands her loyal companion Venari which can be used to prioritize a target on the aiming reticle for a 25 energy, leaving venari’s mark above the target for 20 seconds. 
  • When khora commands venari then venari chases the marked target if nearby or teleports to it if it’s far away. When venari reaches the target then she will perform different tasks depending on the battle posture and then attack.
  • Mark Duration is not affected by mods.
  • Command energy cost is affected by ability efficiency. 
  • The target when Khora is targetted is marked by a floating battle posture icon above khora’s head. 
  •  Venari’s mark lasts until removed using or via duration end, khora marking a different target, switching battle posture or if the target is killed.
  • When venari is alive, khora passively gets a 1.05x/1.1x/1.12x/1.15x movement speed multiplier.
  • When venari is killed, then venari will respawn beside khora after 45 seconds or instantly by casting this ability using 50 energy. 
  • Venari’s speed multiplier is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Venari’s revive energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency. 
  • Respawn time is displayed on the ability icon when vanari is killed. 
  • All Venari’s postures are available by default when venari is unlocked at Warframe rank 5. 

Strangledome – Strangledome is the last ability from Khora. Strangledome is very simple and straight forward. 

Best Khora Builds

Venari Standard Build

Venari Standard Build

Venari standard build is one of the most efficient builds for Khora. If you have used Kavat or Kubrow as the main companion then you would have known about this build. In this build, you need to have most of the Khora mods. In this Venari standard build, you need to invest a lot of endo and credits because this is a mainstream build with all the mods included. Some of the important and essential mods are Maul, Sharpened Claws and Swipe whereas the most essentials mods are Medipet Kit and Bite. Link health does help the warframe and Hunter Recovery comes really handy. If you are looking for a replacement then you can use Scavenge, Animal Instinct and Link Shields for more effective and survivability. So you can modify the build as per your requirement. This is mine and it works for me but go ahead experiment and customize yourself. 

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The Dome Build

The Dome Build

The Dome Build for Khora is also one of the most popular choices for the people in warframe. Because this build is more like an Ultimate build for Khora. Strangledome is best working if you need a warframe build that supports a good combination of reach, duration and ability strength. Also, this build will offer more survivability. You can equip corrosive projection because energy siphon will be better with this build. 

The Whip Melee Build

The Whip Melee Build

The Whip Melee Build is a build if you need to defend a good amount of damage. If you are in a time crunch and such as Strength and range with more efficiency. If you want you can disable Transient Fortitude for Primed Continuity and enable second ability from time to time. 

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If you want more power and energy you can Accumulate Whipclaw for maximax damage output. 


We are concluding this article on Khora Warframe, Khora Builds and Khora Abilities. If you liked this information then please do share it with your warframe friends and family. If you have any problems or doubts then please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank You and have a fantastic day.