WoW Shadowlands: What Awaits You in New Raids?

World of Warcraft has become one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games for the past decade. It offers the players around the globe a world of magic and limitless adventure where they must stand against mighty bosses and overcome tricky challenges. 

The popularity of the game triggered a wave of WoW raid services that allow gamers to team up with professional assassins in order to win the tough battles and enjoy the game like never before. 

WoW Shadowlands

A Few Words on the Shadowlands Patch

This year, WoW is welcoming the players with a new expansion – The Shadowlands. The new realm of horror poses a new challenge where you are to survive in a harsh environment between life and death and maintain the balance to prevent the collapse. 

Sylvanas Windrunner, who opened the way to the all-consuming darkness, basically dares the champions to come and show their worth. On the way to the victory, players will face many new challenges and skillful opponents. 

As a part of a long and difficult journey around the Shadowlands, you are to complete a new raid that will take place in Castle Nathria. Before, we will shed light on the first raid of the Shadowlands. 

Prepare Your Armor for a Castle Nathria Raid

WoW has long been known to encompass millions of players around the globe. By the way, a decade ago – in 2010 – it already boasted 12 million subscribers. Although the current number of WoW enthusiasts isn’t known to the world, one thing is sure: it’s counted in millions. And all these people are to enter the Castle Nathria Raid. 

Initially, it should have already been released. However, due to the Shadowlands delays, the gamers will be able to try their luck and show their worth in the raid not earlier than on December 8/9. That’s the date when Normal and Heroic difficulties will be introduced. 

Let’s find out what awaits us in the Castle Nathria Raid.


Castle Nathria is located in Revendreth – a new zone introduced in WoW Shadowlands. Revendreth is the place where the harvesters of sin exist and wretched souls that seek penance for their misdeeds arrive. 

The gothic-style castle rests in the heart of the zone. Its entrance is at the very center of Revendreth, where you can easily fly by Menagerie of the Master. 


Don’t underestimate the bosses that are hidden in Castle Nathria. These are vicious creatures that won’t stop their attempts to capture your soul until you kill them. All in all, there are ten opponents you will have to overpower and assassinate in order to complete the raid and gain valuable rewards. 

No matter who you are standing against – the first one or the last one – WoW creators have made sure to challenge your skills and in-game abilities. Therefore, be on guard from the first second you enter the raid. 

Here are the ten bosses that are waiting to kill you in Castle Nathria:

  • Shriekwing – The blind monster is the first obstacle you will encounter when trying to enter the Castle. Despite the fact that she can’t see, she can sense and precisely locate the presence of her prey by reverberating the walls with her cries.
  • Huntsman Altimor – He is a loyal servant of Sire Denathrius, who makes sure the master always has prey. As you can see, the second boss is the one doing the dirty job in order to please the master.
  • Hungering Destroyer – His aim is to consume all the anima; therefore, he exists in places like Castle Nathria where it is in abundance.
  • Artificer Xy’Mox – Although Artificer Xy’Mox can’t be called a Sire Denathrius’s trustworthy servant, he will still try to kill you – only for the sake of his own gain.
  • Sun King’s Salvation – The vicious soul of Sun King’s Salvation is to be saved in order to preserve the Shadowlands from a catastrophe.
  • Lady Inerva Darkvein – Her ultimate goal is to collect as much anima as possible and create a dark new future.
  • The Council of Blood – Here, you get one-in-three pack – Castellan Niklaus, Lord Stavros, and Baroness Frieda. All of them have the court functions in Revendreth in their power.
  • Sludgefist – You will be able to hear the approaching of Denathrius’s loyal servant even when he is several rooms away. 
  • Stone Legion Generals – Two generals – Grashaal and Kaal – are ready to tear apart anyone who defies their new boss – Sire.
  • Sire Denathrius – The ruler of the realms of Death will sacrifice his army and life to assassinate anyone who denies his power.

In the battle against dangerous vicious monsters, you will need not only outstanding fighting skills but also a reliable team. We hope you have both and wish you good luck in the raid!