What Mouse Does Ninja Use? (Click Here for Answer)

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What Mouse Does Ninja Use? – Everybody currently on the internet knows about Ninja, if you don’t you have been living under a rock. Ninja is the Professional Fortnite player, Youtuber and Twitch streamer. He is currently the best players in the world to play Fortnite. He is also known for his highest kills in the game with a whopping 60K+ kills or eliminations. He currently has around 11 million subscribers and his twitch stream also averages between 80,000 viewers to 130,000 views every single day. He also holds the record for maximum live viewers when he played duos with the hip-hop rapper Drake. A lot of people were requesting us to write an article on What Mouse Does Ninja Use to play Fortnite and configuration that he uses in the game so that they could also improve in their game. So below in this article, we have come up the written type on What Mouse Does Ninja Use or Which Mouse Does Ninja Use

What Mouse does ninja use?

Ninja Uses Logitech G502 mouse to play Fortnite.

What Mouse Does Ninja Use in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Ninja Personal Information

Gamer Name: Ninja

Real Name: Richard Tyler Blevins

Birthday: June 5, 1991

Age: 27

Country: United States of America

Team: Luminosity Gaming

Alternate ID’s: NinjasHyper

What Mouse Does Ninja Use in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Ninja’s Mouse- Logitech G502 Review

Ninja Fortnite Mouse Logitech G502


Logitech G502 is the gaming mouse that Ninja uses to play Fortnite. This is one of those best and most affordable gaming mouses. This Logitech G502 is an RGB tunable gaming mouse with 12,000 DPI with the new technology called the fly DPI Shifting. One of the most unique features of Logitech G502 is weight manipulation or it’s also called Tunable weight and balance. You can manipulate the weight of the mouse multiple times in multiple ways, which could be really helpful in First Person Shooter games such as Fortnite. Logitech G502 is known for its accuracy because of its responsive optical sensor called PMW3366. The optical sensor in the mouse uses a new technology called Logitech-G Delta Zero which minimizes mouse acceleration and increases reliable targeting. One of the most attracting parts is the Design which makes people fall in love with the mouse. The designer who designed this mouse thought about the long time duration of the gaming and designed it, You can go a long time playing without any hassles and pain. 

The mouse has rubber grips for maximum grip without any frictions. When you buy this mouse you also get access to Logitech Gaming Software using which you can customize a ton of stuff likes RGB in the mouse, DPI Sensitivity, Button Profiles, Sensor Maximity and more. Logitech G502 has 11 programmable buttons, yes you heard it right 11. 11 programmable buttons in one mouse are pretty crazy because think about all the customizations you can do with it. This is really handy when you play fortnite because Fortnite requires constant building so these 11 programmable buttons would be a god sent for most people. 

  • Advanced optical gaming sensor (PMW3366): Logitech’s most accurate and responsive optical sensor precisely translates hand movements onscreen
  • Tunable weight and balance: Repositionable 3.6G weights for superior fit and feel. Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi
  • RGB customizable lighting: Match your style and environment with up to 16.8 million colors
  • Easy-to-program Logitech Gaming Software: Customize lighting, surface tuning, button macros and more
  • Customizable controls: 11 programmable buttons and adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel for fast, accurate maneuvers
  • Responsiveness USB data format 16 bits/axis, USB report rate 1000 Hz (1ms), Microprocessor 32-bit ARM

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Other Gears that Ninja Uses to Play Fortnite are

MonitorAlienware AW2518H
MouseLogitech G502
HeadphonesBeyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250
KeyboardCorsair K70 RAPIDFIRE
Mouse Pad HyperX FURY Pro
SpeakersCreative Sound Blaster X7

Ninja’s Monitor – Alienware AW2518H Review

Ninja's Fortnite Monitor

Alienware AW2518H is the Gaming Monitor that Ninja uses to play Fortnite. Alienware is known for its Gaming peripherals and they are devoted to it. This is a 240Hz Refresh Rate monitor which is the highest of all time. One of the best things about this monitor is the Refresh rate is never dropping and tear free so you don’t need to adjust settings to match it all the time. This monitor is equipped with Nvidia’s new technology called G Sync which is nothing but a new technology that synchronizes the gameplay according to the situation and refreshes rate. I read a press release stating that this monitor was designed using a team of engineers because this monitor is also called engineering because of its customization. It can be customized into 4 types. The elevation is one such engineering feature. Alienware AW2518H also has the built-in lighting system in the behind which can also be synchronized. 

Ninja’s Headphones – Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Review

Ninja Fortnite Headset


Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is the headphones that Ninja uses to play Fortnite. Beyerdynamic is a premium headset company so is their products. I totally recommend this to all the gamers out there who play First Person Shooter gaming because I know the importance of a headset in games like Fortnite or PUBG. It is very crucial. The smooth and comfortable padding in the earpiece of the headset is designed for airflow and audio. This is totally the best headset in the market right now. 

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Ninja’s Keyboard – Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE Review

Ninja Fortnite Keyboard Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE


This keyboard is also beast and combining it with the keyboard that we have mentioned above will really help you increase game skills in Fortnite. This keyboard comes with two types. One is a Red LED and the other one is RGB LED Keyboard. One of the most important features is that the speed of this keyboard. It is one of the fastest typing keyboards that is ever produced. Advanced lighting control and large font keycaps are truly great with this keyboard. With this keyboard, you expect Victory Royale all the time.

Ninja’s Speaker- Creative Sound Blaster X7 Review

Ninja Fortnite Speaker Creative Sound Blaster X7


This speaker is a Creative Sound Blaster X7. There isn’t the much special feature of this speaker and ninja’s doesn’t really use a lot of speakers except for hearing songs.  This is a Dolby atom integrated speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. But the sound quality is really bold in this speaker which makes the sound really implicitly audible. 

Conclusion on What Mouse Does Ninja Use?

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