How to Use iMessage on PC (Windows) 2020 – iMessage for PC

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iMessage on PC – I know that a lot of people are wondering if they can use their iMessage application on their Windows PC or Laptop because it could it be really easier communicate with their friends in their workspace or college simultaneously without opening your mobile phone. A lot of people have requested us via mail or by the contact form and we have found a solution. Not just one solution but two. Yes, you heard it right, we have found 2 methods using which you can get iMessage on PC or iMessage for Windows PC.

imessage on pc

In this article, we will be teaching you on how to get iMessage on PC or iMessage for PC (Windows) for free without much work involved and it is pretty easy too.

How to Use iMessage on PC using iPadian 2 (Method 1)

Step 1: Download iPadian 2

Firstly, you need to iPadian 2. iPadian is an iPad Emulator. An emulator is a software which emulates the application or software into PC using the same principle. 

Click here to Download iPadian 2

Step 2: Install iPadian 2

After you have downloaded iPadian 2 in your Windows PC, you need to Install it on your pc by running the setup file which is in the form of .exe (Executable File)

Step 3: Run iPadian 2

Step 4: Search iMessage

After running iPadian 2, you need to search for iMessage to Use iMessage on PC.

Step 5: Download iMessage in iPadian

After searching for iMessage on your Windows PC, now you need to download iMessage on the iPadian Emulator.

Step 6: Use iMessage on PC

That’s it, now you can start using iMessage on Windows PC without much hassle.

How to Use iMessage on PC (Method 2)

Step 1: Download Google Chrome On Your PC and Mac

Firstly, for this method we are going to be using Google Chrome, so download google chrome and if you already have it, then ignore this step. Download Google Chrome on both Windows and Mac.

Step 2: Download Chrome Remote Desktop Extention

After downloading Google Chrome browser on both your windows and mac, you now need to download Chrome Remote Desktop Extention on both your Windows and Mac operating system in google chrome.

Step 3: Launch Chrome Remote Desktop Extention

Click on Launch App in Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows PC

After downloading this extension launch the application in your browser.

Step 4: Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer in Mac

After launching the chrome remote desktop extension, you need to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on Mac.

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Step 5: Install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer in Mac

After downloading chrome remote desktop host installer in mac, you need to install it in Mac operating system.

Step 6: Use the code to connect the computer to windows

After installing chrome remote desktop host installer on your mac, you will be getting a unique code that is used to connect the mac to windows to use iMessage on Windows PC.

That’s it, these two methods will successfully allow you to use iMessage on PC or Windows PC without much work. We will keep updating this article if we find more ways to use iMessage for pc. If you have any problems or doubts then please comment below. If you like this article share it with your friends.